JLab Audio Launches Over-The-Ear Sport Headphones

The JLab Audio Flex Sport Wireless Headphones feature a 20-hour playtime, custom fit, and Be Aware Audio.

American consumer audio brand JLab Audio has recently launched a new over-the-ear sport headphone dubbed the Flex Sport Wireless. According to the company’s press announcement, the new headphones offer a 20-hour Bluetooth playtime, a durable and flexible build, and a customizable fit.

Great for the gym, running, or anything else active, Flex Sport has removable ear pads that can be washed after a workout. The Flex Sport features two sound technologies: Be Aware Audio and Custom EQ3 Sound.

The Flex Sport’s Be Aware Audio is claimed to allow ambient background noise in when turned on, so surroundings can be heard for a safer exercise experience or turn it if off to stay in the zone. On the other hand, the EQ3 Sound offers users the ability to cycle through sound options that include Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost.

Speaking about these headphones the company’s CEO Win Cramer said, “Every time I go into a gym (though admittedly not as often as I would like) I see people wearing heavy over-ear headphones. I knew we could design these better.”

JLab Audio Flex Sport Headphones

He also added, “Flex Sport are so durable they twist 180 degrees; there’s no other headphone that can do that. Plus, the tension headbands snap on for a firmer, more secure fit at the gym or a looser feel while at your desk without a tension band. From materials to customizable sound, Flex Sport is truly the most advanced headphone we’ve ever made.”

According to the announcement, the Flex Sport features Two tension headbands. An added headband padding can be clipped in place at the top of the headband for more comfort and a tighter, more secure feel. The ear pads include a moisture-wicking, sport fabric that is comfortable for long wearing. They can be removed for hand or delicate machine washing.

They come with a price tag of USD 99.99 and can be purchased directly from the company’s website jlabaudio.com.

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