Top 5 Apps To Learn Music On Your Mobile Device

Be it singing, guitar, keyboards, ukulele, or even the bass, these apps offer you the best structured music lessons on-the-go. If you are a music lover, with these apps, you never have a reason to not learn music!

Learning something new was never this easier. With the advent of technology, specifically the world wide web, every information is just a Google Search away. However, sometimes, the freedom of learning through platforms like YouTube can lead you to disjointed junctions. You may lack a systematic approach for learning.

Thankfully, in this smartphone era, we have apps that offer us a smooth learning experience. Yes, we have outgrown YouTube videos and traditional approaches.

Here are the top 5 apps to learn music on your mobile device.

1. Simply Piano (iOS / Android) – Developed by Joy Tunes, this app brings a smart way of learning music through its 25+ courses specifically designed to suit different levels of expertise with hundreds of fun and popular songs for you to dive and learn how they are composed and performed. It also offers personalized excercises with sheet music. This app works by recognizing the notes you play on the Piano with the help of microphone present on your iPad using a technology known as ‘MusicSense recognition’. With this app, music teachers get an opportunity to track their students’ progress.

2. Yousician (Android / iOS) – This app, compatible with both iOS and Android, is similar to what we came across with Simply Piano. The difference is, Yousician can help you in learning multiple instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, and even vocals. It guides you with easy step-by-step tutorials and offers you exercises based on your skill level. You get real-time feedback and you can also track your progress. Similar to its counterpart ‘Simply Piano’, even teachers can create their accounts with Yousician to gamify their music teaching processes.


3. Riyaz (Android) – When it comes to learning a classical art form, we have a typical mindset of joining a gurukul and learning the art in the physical presence of a guru. MusicMuni Labs is just breaking the stereotype and bringing the guru straight to your smartphone. Their app ‘Riyaz’ offers you systematic courses on different ragas and works on a similar technology like Yousician and Simply Piano. It senses your voice input and gives you a real-time feedback about your performance. You can learn Hindustani, Carnatic, and even Western Classical forms of music through this app. Smart Tanpura, Breath Monitor, and Tutorials on Hindustani / Carnatic Classical Songs are a few key features this app offers.


4. Vanido (iOS) – A fairly new player in the market, this unique app offers you daily singing sessions to train your voice and ear, tailored to your vocal range and style of singing. Pretty much like every other app mentioned here, Vanido offers real time performance tracking while it allows you to set challenging goals, get reminders and practice everyday. Currently, the app is available only on iOS, and the company’s official website mentions that it will soon be available on Android as well.

5. UberChord (iOS) – Lastly, this sweet little app is the perfect partner if you are looking at learning the basics of playing the guitar. It gives you real time feedback on your fingering, accuracy, and timing, and lets you track your progress. The app is fun and incredibly effective, focusing more on guitar chords. It offers you an interactive strumming trainer which allows you to learn strumming and rhythm patterns in a more interactive manner.

While there are many other apps that we haven’t included in this list, we believe that these five are the best ones available in the market as of now. Please note that all these apps are free to use, but may require a premium subscription if you want to cross the daily limit.

Happy music learning!

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