Keith Wong: We Continue Pushing The Envelope Of Portable Sound

Keith Wong, Chief Operating Officer, Xmi Group, shares his thoughts on the current market for earphones and compact speakers, the challenges they face as an audio technology company, how they continue pushing the envelope of portable sound, and much more.

As we all know, music is becoming more of a common factor in everyone’s lives thanks to technology – specially smartphones, YouTube and other platforms, and high quality earphones and compact speakers available at dirt cheap prices. We, at audiosootra got in touch with Keith Wong, the Chief Operating Officer of Xmi Group, to know his opinions on the current market, the challenges they face as an audio technology company, and their future plans in India.

The way people consume music has changed over the past few years. Where do you see we are heading?

X-mini has always been in the forefront of portable sound. We note a growing consumption of audio and video content on smartphones, a growing demand for mobility, a rise of connected devices and penetration of Wi-Fi networks making wireless connectivity a standard in urban Indian households.

While Bollywood dominates music consumption in India, we have also seen the indie music scene in the market gradually maturing. Music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, and Saavn in India are gaining popularity, providing independent artists opportunities to make the most of digital platforms to showcase their talent and music to millions of listeners worldwide.

Our rich heritage in portable audio products, and continued commitment in developing quality sound for all music lovers to enjoy anywhere and everywhere, will never stop.

Which are the best markets for compact wireless speakers as per your experience? Which one is the easiest to break even and which one is the most competitive and challenging?

Here at X-mini, we believe that music connects the world, and anyone who enjoys music will always be looking for quality sound products. And with more and more of India becoming increasingly upwardly mobile and ‘on-the-go’ – especially in a country like India with so many music lovers – we believe that our expertise in delivering amazing quality sound in compact portable form factors punching way above its size and price, will continue to help us stay ahead.

Which X-mini speakers are you proud of?

Every single one of our products! Each product is designed to deliver our signature clear sound and are engineered to allow all music lovers including those ‘on-the-go’ to enjoy their favourite tunes anytime and anywhere they would like to. In fact, as an audio company, we are constantly expanding our product offerings for our customers to enjoy. Take for example our recent X-mini XOUNDBUDS and X-mini XOUNDPODS and the X-mini W Series – waterproof speakers made for the outdoors.

Wireless or wired speakers/headphones – what is your personal choice to listen to your favorite song?

Personally, I use all our products for different occasions. For example, when I am on business trips, I would bring along our X-mini XOUNDBAR – which is a slim, pocket-fit compact stereo speaker – as it’s really the perfect business and travel companion, and fits so easily into my laptop case. Or I’d slip a pair of our ultra-portable, pocket-sized X-mini CLICK 2s or X-mini NANO-Xs with me when I am on-the-go. Plus our speakers offer True Wireless Stereo, so I can enjoy quality stereo sound anywhere I’m at!

On weekends with my family, I would often use our X-mini INFINTIs to enjoy a full 360 audio sound experience at home. And of course, I will be spotted around with our wired and wireless headphones for other occasions such as when I am commuting or trying to keep fit in the gym after work. 😊

How different is the Indian market for compact speakers and wireless headphones when compared to Singapore?

From our experience, audio lovers are exactly that – they love audio and products that deliver quality sound. It really doesn’t matter which country they are from.

We have noticed a few interesting trends; Firstly, the mobile phone has surely become a popular audio source in the personal audio category, both globally and especially in India – with people upgrading to higher definition headphones after having used an affordable budget earphone for some time, so that they can enjoy better quality sound while on the go. The other trend is of headphone users deciding to cut the cord and opt for a wireless headphone especially with the increased use of smartphones, and this is increasingly something we notice in the Indian market too. In fact, we have also seen a growth in the number of high-end headphones in India, underlining how Indians are increasingly opening up and demanding for quality sound. At X-mini, we have always been creating products that deliver great sound, with each one of our products designed to offer our signature quality clean, clear sound, and we are extremely excited for India to enjoy great sound!

How companies like X-mini are forced to adapt to the changing forces?

As an audio technology company, we always look at consumer and technology trends to innovate and deliver quality products. We work closely with chipset makers to make sure that the latest technology is available to all our customers.

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