LG Launches Earbuds That Can Clean Themselves While Being Charged

The LG Tone+ Free is the company’s debut entry into the true wireless headphones market and they’ve got it backed by a super-cool feature.

In a continuous race to build better wireless headphones, we often witness many technology companies launching products with something new to impress us, and this time, LG has taken a step forward and announced a pair of self cleaning earbuds.

Tone+ Free, the company’s debut entry into the true wireless earphone market, comes with a one-of-a-kind feature that hasn’t been observed yet in other similar earbuds. LG has included a UV light directly in its charging case, thus killing germs while the earbuds are being charged. Having said that, what truly makes the LG Tone+ Free stand out from other wireless headphones out there is this one unique feature. Rest, they are all the same.

The LG Tone+ Free comes with support for Google Assistant, quick charge and IPX4 rating making it sweat resistant and perfect for workouts. The earbuds are also custom-tuned by Meridian Audio and equipped with a built-in noise cancelling microphone. This is something LG’s competitor Samsung hasn’t done yet.

These earbuds will be launched by LG in its home market on October 28 for KRW 259,999 (around USD 215 / AUD 320). You can preorder them now, if you reside in South Korea, or you may have to wait for next year, at least, until the company decides to release these earbuds in other regions.