This Vintage Looking Radio Will Bring Back Your Old Memories From The ’60s

The iGear Retro Radio is a classic retro-looking radio with modern functions such as Bluetooth, TF/SD Card and USB Drive support, Emergency Flashlight and an in-built Rechargeable 900mAh Battery.

Indian Gadgets and Smartphone Accessories Brand iGear recently announced a classic vintage-looking radio dubbed as the ‘iGear Retro Radio’ which may bring back your old memories from the ‘60s while still donning the features of modern technology. 

Speaking on the launch of this classic radio, iGear Founder Kamlesh Sharma commented, “The iGear Retro Radio is a piece of art while being a fully functional modern audio accessory. It features the vintage looks of an old Radio from the ‘60s, complete with FM, AM and SW bands along with the classic telescopic antenna and a carry belt to take you back in time. We hope users enjoy this product as a memory of the classic old radio set. It’s a perfect gift for our parents, and grandparents”. 

The iGear Retro Radio is not just another FM radio dressed in a vintage look. It features fully functional AM, FM and SW bands, and is equipped with an analog control (dial knob) for tuning into stations and adjusting volumes like the one on the original radio from the ‘60s.

While the iGear Retro Radio completes its design requirements by featuring the 3-Band radio, it also dons modern technology so that you can connect it to your laptop, tablet or smartphone, or use it as a standalone music player. It comes with Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity for pairing, and can also connect to other audio devices using the Aux port. You can also enjoy your favourite playlist via the TF/SD card slot or USB port.

The iGear Retro Radio features a loud and powerful 8-Watt speaker, and a built-in rechargeable 900mAh battery that runs the radio for hours together. Other features include an in-built emergency flashlight that one can use during unexpected power cuts or when camping outdoors.

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The iGear Retro Radio runs on a standard 220V mains power line that charges the in-built battery. In places where power is not available, you can also use 2 x UM-1 size cells in the rear compartment to power the Radio. The Retro Radio can also be charged via a standard smartphone charger with a micro USB jack. Bundled along with the radio are a 220V power cord and a carrying belt that completes the entire classic retro-feel of owning a vintage-looking radio set.

The iGear Retro Radio is available for an introductory price of INR 1,799 with a warranty of 1 year, on and

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