Best Ways To Promote Your Music For Free

It doesn’t really make sense if you are producing songs and keeping them locked up in your system, right? Your songs need to see the outside world and be embraced! Here are some options I have tried and tested in my music journey that actually work for free.

Have you ever Googled or searched in Quora how to promote music for free? If so, then you might be surprised to see every single article/video talking about the importance of social media presence, creating videos on YouTube, being consistent with your art, paid music submissions, public relations and marketing campaigns among many others which cost tons of money. There’s no denying in these methods. However, I am an independent music producer myself and I know how difficult it can be to push new songs to the public and make them listen, especially when you are running short on budget!

It doesn’t really make sense if you are producing songs and keeping them locked up in your system, right? It’s important to promote your music so they get to see the outside world and be embraced!

Here are a few methods that I have tried and tested in my music journey that have worked for free.

Be part of ‘New Artist Spotlight’ community and submit to music playlists for free

New Artist Spotlight | Promote your music for free

This is a growing community of indie musicians with the same vision as you – place their tracks in playlists on Spotify and increase their streams, listeners, and followers. It’s a very much happening community by indie musicians to indie musicians and for indie musicians! Join New Artist Spotlight and grow with fellow musicians.

Tweet your way to Spotify playlists & curators

Promote your music via Twitter

While many of us are busy searching for the perfect playlist on SubmitHub which might have a lower acceptance rate, we almost forget about Twitter and it’s amazing community. Just do a simple search on Twitter using hashtags like #SpotifyPlaylists, #NeedNewMusic, #NewMusic, and #ArtistsSupportingArtists, and using keywords like ‘Drop Your Music Links’, ‘Submit Your Songs’, ‘Submit Your Music’ and other similar search terms, and you are more likely to bump across tweets by bloggers, playlist curators, and A&Rs looking for some new music! While it might be a slightly tedious task at first, it shouldn’t be a big deal when you get used to the process. You just have to search for the best tweets and reply to them with your link, sometimes with a screenshot proving that you are following their playlist in exchange of placing your songs.

Submit music to win airplays and licensing!

Promote your music by registering to

Creating an account with is a very easy process and it is free too. Once you have logged in and created your profile, you can start browsing through various opportunities to license your music. You can also use their distribution services to get your music placed on almost all the popular music streaming stores across the globe.

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Distribute for free without sharing your income

Freshtunes will help you in distributing music for free to all leading music streaming stores.

Yes. You read that right. Use this free music distribution platform called to distribute your music for free while getting to keep 100% of your royalties. They also have a few paid services like Detailed Report, Certification & Industry Advice, and Marketing Campaigns which you can take if you are interested in them.

Focus on music and let this artist development platform do everything for you

Shodement helps you as your artist manager and support in promoting your music.

The service we are talking about here is called Shodement. They work as a project execution team and help you out with planning, design, execution, and monitoring your music projects. They also get you frequent brand partnership opportunities! While the service itself is free, they do take a small cut of around 5 – 20 % from the profits you make while working with them. I guess that’s pretty doable. Check out their app now!

Drooble your way to success

Reach thousands of new listeners on Drooble!

The social network for musicians, Drooble, offers you various opportunities to distribute and promote your music, and also connect with your peers. There are many opportunities like Radio Plays, Song Reviews, PR Publications, Featured Placements which can be opted by using your karma points, albeit many services are displayed as paid opportunities. You can earn these karma points by engaging on the platform, very similar to Reddit!

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Giveaway free downloads in exchange of follows, comments & likes

You can use Hypeddit's download gateway to get a follow to your Spotify before giving away a free download!

As an indie artist, I am sure you would have thought at some point of time to give away a free download. But wait! You can actually get the person to follow you on Spotify or any other platform and then download the track for FREE! If this excites you, then Hypeddit is the platform you need to check out. They offer you Download Gates, Smart Links, Link Gates, Fan Promotions, Promotion Exchange, and Loud Links.

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