Alienware Unveils New Gaming Headsets

Alienware has recently unveiled its latest gaming headsets, including the wired AW520H and the dual-mode wireless AW720H. Both are very similar to each other; the difference being the mode of connection — wired and wireless. The headsets feature a wider suspension headband and soft memory foam ear cups wrapped in breathable fabric to help prevent discomfort during extended use.

The AW720H can be connected via either a 2.4GHz USB-C wireless dongle PC connection or a versatile 3.5mm wired integration, offering gamers flexibility in how they use the device with other devices or compatible consoles. It also boasts 40mm hi-res certified drivers and Dolby Atmos, providing gamers with precise and detailed audio and 3D surround sound to enhance their gaming experience.

Both AW520H and AW720H come equipped with retractable boom microphones that incorporate AI-powered noise-canceling to reduce ambient sounds, enabling clear communication with friends during intense gaming sessions. These microphones can be easily deployed or stowed back as required. The AW520H’s microphone features a sensitivity of -40 dbV/Pa and a 61 dB SNR, while the AW720H’s microphone boasts a -45 dBV/Pa sensitivity and a 53 dB SNR. These features are designed to ensure crisp and clear communication with fellow gamers during intense gaming sessions.

The Alienware AW520H boasts a frequency range of 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz, an impedance of 32 Ω, and a loudness of 117 dB. Similarly, the AW720H offers a comparable frequency range and impedance but with a loudness of 105 dB.

According to the makers of the headset, The AW720H has a long battery life of up to 30 hours and fast-charging capabilities, with just 15 minutes of charging providing up to six hours of battery life. While the AW720H is currently available starting at USD 159.99, the wired variant AW520H will be available in a few months starting at USD 99.99.


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