MIDI All Set To Celebrate Its 40th Anniversary At The NAMM Show

MIDI, the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, has been connecting electronic musical instruments and devices for the past four decades. Now, the MIDI Association is gearing up to celebrate MIDI’s 40th anniversary in style with a host of events at the 2023 NAMM Show in Southern California.

MIDI has been instrumental in the development of electronic music and has played a significant role in shaping the modern music industry. It has been used in countless hit songs and has paved the way for the development of electronic instruments and music production techniques. It’s no wonder that the MIDI Association is going all out to celebrate the standard’s 40th anniversary.

The MIDI Showcase will be held in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center from April 13 to 16. More than 30 companies will be present, showing off their MIDI-related products, and visitors can expect to see demos of the next-generation MIDI 2.0 standard.

For those who want to learn more about MIDI 2.0, the MIDI Association has planned panel sessions for both developers and musicians on Friday, April 14. These sessions will explain what people need to know about the new standard and how it will impact their businesses and creative lives.

“MIDI@40 not only showcases all of the amazing MIDI products that have impacted music over the past 40 years but also looks forward to the future with MIDI 2.0 products that will continue to shape the way music is made for decades to come,” says MIDI Association president Athan Billias.

The MIDI Association has also planned a special concert on Saturday, April 15, featuring the likes of Mark Garson, Mark Isham, and Jordan Rudess. The concert will also include the presentation of MIDI lifetime achievement awards to key figures in the development of the standard, including Bob Moog, Don Buchla, Ikutaro Kakehashi, Tsutomu Katoh, Roger Linn, Tom Oberheim, Alan Pearlman, Dave Rossum, and Dave Smith.

The 2023 NAMM Show is not just about celebrating MIDI’s 40th anniversary, but also the 50th anniversary of the birth of hip-hop, a genre that has been closely associated with MIDI. Public Enemy member Chuck D will make an appearance on Friday, April 14, to discuss the history of hip-hop with Brian Hardgroove, who will go on to perform with his new band, Resonant Alient, at the special concert on Saturday.

The 2023 NAMM Show promises to be an exciting event for music lovers, musicians, and anyone interested in the future of music technology. Visitors can expect to see the latest products and innovations in the music industry, attend panel sessions and concerts, and celebrate the legacy of MIDI and hip-hop. The show takes place from April 13 to 16 at the Anaheim Convention Center, and tickets are available now.


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