NAMM 2023: Antelope Audio Launches Atlas i8: A Revolutionary 3-Way Digital Studio Monitor with Innovative Isobaric Bass Design and USB Connectivity

Antelope Audio, the renowned manufacturer of audio interfaces, converters, and digital clocking technology, has launched their first-ever studio monitor, the Atlas i8. With a compact yet innovative isobaric design, the Atlas i8 boasts a wide frequency range and USB connectivity, making it a game-changer in the industry. Read on for more details on this revolutionary 3-way digital studio monitor.

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Antelope Audio, known for its high-end audio interfaces and digital clocking technology, has just announced its first-ever studio monitor, the Atlas i8. This 3-way digital speaker is packed with innovative features and boasts an isobaric design for an extended low-end response, making it a highly anticipated release for the audio industry.

The Atlas i8 features two sets of low-frequency drivers in parallel, which is a rarely used approach that provides extended low-end response from a compact enclosure. The isobaric design allows the speaker to deliver a wide frequency range of 35Hz to 20kHz, making it suitable for a range of music genres and audio applications.

The Atlas i8 also comes with its own custom-designed low-distortion Class D amplifier that delivers 200W to the woofers and 100W to the mid and high-end drivers, providing a maximum SPL of 117dB. The mid and high-end drivers use a dual concentric design, giving the appearance of a single driver while actually being two separate components.

Another advantage of the Atlas i8’s digital design is its USB connectivity, allowing users to connect the speakers directly to their computers for digital signal input. The speakers also come with analog inputs that provide conversion of up to 192kHz.

The Atlas i8 is not just about hardware, though. The speaker’s rear panel has a color display that provides access to a 4-band EQ, allowing for manual acoustic adjustments. The panel also features controls for dimming, muting, volume control, and delay offset. These functions can also be controlled via software, giving users even more precision over their stereo imaging.

The Atlas i8 is a hefty unit, weighing in at around 24kg. However, it can be used in both vertical and horizontal configurations, providing users with more placement options in their studio setups. Antelope Audio expects to release the Atlas i8 in Q2 of 2023, with an estimated price of $4500 per pair.

The Atlas i8 marks a bold move for Antelope Audio as the company enters the studio monitor market, but with its cutting-edge design and features, it’s sure to turn heads among audio enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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