Dyson Unveils Zone Headphones with Integrated Air Purification System, Priced at £820

Dyson’s Zone headphones combine cutting-edge audio technology with a built-in air purification system. Designed to combat noise and air pollution in urban areas, these headphones feature active noise cancellation and a filtration system that captures particles as small as 0.1 microns. With customizable airflow and the ability to monitor air quality, Dyson’s Zone headphones offer a futuristic solution for those seeking immersive sound and clean air. Discover their features and pricing ahead of their highly anticipated release.

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Dyson, the renowned technology company, is set to release its peculiar Zone headphones equipped with a built-in air purification system. With a staggering price tag of £820, these innovative headphones are scheduled to go on sale starting May 17, with pre-orders beginning at £749.

The distinctive feature of the Dyson Zone headphones is the visor that rests in front of the nose and mouth, delivering filtered and clean air to the wearer. The advanced filtration system boasts an impressive capability to capture 99% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns, including pollen, dust, bacteria, and certain viruses such as H1N1.

In addition to the air purification system, the Dyson Zone headphones come with active noise cancellation technology, effectively eliminating surrounding noise and providing an immersive audio experience. The ear caps, equipped with electrostatic filters, pull in air at a rate of 2.5 liters per second, effectively capturing city gas pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

The visor of the headphones does not directly touch the wearer’s face, distinguishing them from traditional face masks. It can be lowered for speaking or detached when not in use. When the visor is lowered, the fans automatically turn off, and the headphones switch to a setting that allows the wearer to hear their surroundings, facilitating conversations.

To ensure optimal performance, the electrostatic filters in the ear caps need to be replaced every 12 months. However, the cost of these replacement filters is currently undisclosed. Users will receive notifications through the MyDyson app, which connects to the headphones, reminding them when to change the filters. The replacements can be easily installed at home.

The MyDyson app offers additional features, allowing users to adjust airflow speed, and audio modes, and monitor the encountered air quality levels. The Dyson Zone headphones provide up to 50 hours of audio-only battery life or a combination of audio and air purification for 90 minutes to four hours.

Dyson’s Zone headphones were introduced last year as a response to the growing concerns over noise and air pollution in urban areas worldwide. Recent data indicates that one in five people in the EU is affected by noise pollution, and nearly all of the world’s population lives in areas that surpass the World Health Organization’s safe pollution levels.

The Zone headphones will be available in two models: the standard Dyson Zone in Ultra Blue priced at £749.99 and the Dyson Zone Absolute+ in Prussian Blue for £819.99. Both versions come with a cleaning brush, charger, travel case, and visor sleeve. The Dyson Zone Absolute+ also includes an in-flight adaptor, dust bag, and spare filters.

While Dyson’s Zone headphones offer exceptional noise cancellation, sleek design, and the ability to monitor air quality and sound levels, some concerns have been raised. The hefty price of £820 may deter potential buyers, and the headphones weigh 1.3 pounds without the visor attachment. Furthermore, filtering the air puts a strain on the battery life, and despite the unique appearance, wearing these headphones in public may draw unwanted attention.

As technology continues to advance rapidly, companies strive to innovate and meet the demands of consumers. Only time will tell how practically useful devices like the Dyson Zone headphones with integrated air purification systems will be in everyday life.

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