Artistic Design Meets Superior Sound With The Soundcore Model Zero+

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    Emerging technology company in the smart home space Anker Innovations has recently announced the availability of the limited edition Soundcore Model Zero+, a unique and beautifully designed smart speaker with extraordinary sound quality enhanced by Dolby Audio.

    According to a recent press release, Model Zero+ is a speaker that was envisioned by artists, sculpted by designers, then constructed and fine-tuned by engineers. It is claimed to have been meticulously crafted with premium materials including brushed aluminum and woven fabric to create a form factor that complements any modern home décor.

    Designed by Scan-Speak technology, the speaker’s radial shape creates the optimal angle for delivering high-end frequencies. The naturally built-in handle also makes it both chic and portable. This is also the first portable wireless speaker to integrate Dolby Audio.

    The company claims that, with Dolby Audio integrated, the voices sound more crisp, so dialogue becomes clearer and easier to understandable; the overall tone and balance of different types of content is automatically equalized to sound smoother and more pleasing to the ear.

    In addition to its rich immersive sound and premium fabrication, Model Zero+ also has the Google Assistant built in. With a simple voice command “Hey Google,” listeners can instantly access music services like Google Play, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn and iHeartRadio.

    The speaker also supports Google Chromecast, which lets you send whatever you’re playing on your mobile device or personal computer directly to the Model Zero+ through a Wi-Fi connection.  Model Zero+ will be available in November at select retailers and on for $249.99.

    Team Audiosootra
    Team Audiosootra
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