Orchestral Tools Launch Phoenix Orchestra Featuring Authentic Chinese Instruments

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Orchestral Tools has recently announced the launch of its latest Sine instrument library christened the Phoenix Orchetra. Created in collaboration with Harry Gregson-Williams and Richard Harvey who have used the library to compose the background score of Disney’s upcoming live-action movie ‘Mulan’, the library allows users to evoke the authentic sounds of China – ancient and modern – featuring 21 individual instruments, 7 instrument ensembles, and 4 orchestral sections, each with its own unique characteristics and playing techniques.

Phoenix Orchestra is a vibrant, meticulously sampled chamber orchestra featuring a wide range of Chinese instruments including gaohu, erhu, zhonghu, guzheng, yangqin, and pipa.

A group of master musicians of Ding Yi Music Company

The company behind the library, Orchestral Tools, is noted to have successfully captured the exceptional playing technique of master musicians from Ding Yi Music Company, an internationally recognised Chinese chamber ensemble based in Singapore, and the authentic sonic image of the instruments with characteristics including articulations, swells, and ornaments. The instruments were recorded in situ, with players in traditional seating arrangement with four mic positions.

Phoenix Orchestra can be pre-ordered until Sept 21, 2020 for an introductory offer price of EUR 299. The regular price for the library is EUR 499.

To use Phoenix Orchestra, you would require the latest version of SINE Player by Orchestral Tools which offers you a new level of control including mixing microphone positions and configurations, creating custom articulation PolyMaps, and more.

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