PreSonus Launches ATOM SQ – A Hybrid Controller For Keyboard Players And Drum Programmers

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    Audio technology giant PreSonus has recently announced the launch of its new versatile and expressive MIDI Keyboard / Pad Controller for contemporary music production and performance dubbed the ATOM SQ. The new hybrid controller features a staggered 32 pad layout that’s instantly familiar to both keyboard players and drum programmers. The company also boasts about pressure-sensitive pads that offer poly aftertouch thus enabling truly expressive performances and their RGB LEDs that make for gorgeous, intuitive, customizable color-coordination of your samples and loops.

    ATOM SQ allows users to set up a couple of loop points and record beats and melodies on the fly, without getting bogged down in menus, setup, or configuration. A built-in arpeggiator and user-configurable touch strip provides even more expressive control, while advanced features offer users to change the keyboard scale and map the eight assignable rotary encoders to control almost any parameter. An LCD screen displays context-sensitive information and uses a dynamic button system that changes function depending on the task at hand.

    The company has enabled deep integration with Studio One’s Pattern Editor thus allowing ATOM SQ to function as a TR-style 16-step sequencer, in addition to playing virtual instruments. The device also hosts transport controls, a dedicated Click toggle, timeline zoom in/out, and track navigation thus allowing users to navigate much of Studio One without a mouse and keyboard. With this device in a music studio, one can expect the producer to easily select and edit notes individually, and even copy, paste, duplicate, and delete events, all using tactile controls.

    It’s not just this. The company has enabled integration between the new hybrid controller and Ableton Live allowing users to launch clips and scenes in Ableton Live during a performance, select devices and edit parameters, navigate tracks and scenes, and control each track’s volume, panning, and send levels.

    The PreSonus ATOM SQ comes with Studio One 5 Artist Edition and Ableton Live Lite, and now features full ReWire, VST/AU, and Studio One Remote support. The ATOM SQ is expected to go on sale soon in the United States with a price tag of USD 249.95.

    Team Audiosootra
    Team Audiosootra
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