This 2-in-1 TwinBod By iGear Can Multifunction As EarPods And Wireless Speakers

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    Indian gadgets and smartphone accessories brand iGear has recently announced a 2-in-1 Earbuds/Speaker dubbed the TwinBods 2.0. Priced at INR 2499, it is a multi-functional and compact travel accessory for smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

    The TwinBods 2.0 features a pair of TWS earbuds with a charging metallic case that also doubles up as a carry case for the earbuds, while being a wireless speaker system too.

    The iGear TwinBods 2.0 TWS earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that allows connectivity at upto 10 metres from the source. Each bud sports a built-in Li-Ion battery that lasts upto 2.5 hours with 100 % volume and upto 8 hours at around 70% volume. With the charging case, the earbuds are expected to deliver around 10 – 24 hours of music listening based on your volume level.

    The charging case which also doubles up as a wireless speaker comes with a 3W driver and a capacity of offering around 5 hours of loud music. And lastly, switching between the earbuds and the speaker is just a matter of seconds. All you need to do is simply place the earbuds back into the iGear TwinBods 2.0 charging case and switch between private mode and BT speaker mode within seconds. The metallic travel case is also uniquely built where you simply place your earbuds into the slot and simply twist the case to close it, while your earbuds are safely charging themselves inside.

    Speaking on the launch, iGear Founder Kamlesh Sharma commented, “The iGear TwinBods 2.0 is a superb solution for those who are either travelling alone or in a group. The TwinBods can quickly switch from the privacy of your earbuds to the speaker, and back, within seconds. It’s a perfect travel accessory to listen to music in private or watch movies with a companion, while on the go.”

    The iGear TwinBods 2.0 Wireless Earpods with Speaker will be available in a dual-tone Grey and Silver colour on e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart.

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