TuneGO Launches Distro100 In China

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Music technology platform TuneGO Inc. has recently launched Distro100 in China, an artist-friendly music distribution platform offering musicians, based in China, to distribute their music on streaming platforms in the country and around the world.

TuneGO, which has an office in Shenzhen, China, provides content creators with a very unique opportunity as Distro100 allows artists to retain their rights and keep 100 percent of the royalties with no up-front or back-end fees.

According to John Kohl, co-founder and CEO, this is really a game changer for the music industry in China. In a recent press release, he mentions that Distro100 solidifies TuneGO’s commitment to being artist-friendly, providing a path that allows their voices to be heard.

He has also added, “With access to streaming distribution services at absolutely no cost we help take the business side of things out of the equation for artists, allowing them to focus on their music while remaining confident that they’re on the right path toward growing their careers.”

The turnkey platform will allow artists to offer their content to the global music community with distribution to all major digital music services that include Tencent, NetEase, Alibaba as well as western streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and more. According to the press release, TuneGO will be providing detailed streaming reports to help keep track of a song. Additionally, TuneGo will work towards identifying content for playlists and sync licensing.

“Inclusion on a playlist or a sync licensing deal could catapult an artist to the next level and provide some real monetary compensation,” added Kohl.

“TuneGO’s mission in China is to help artists amplify their voices. Acceptance by the major streaming music services will be new for many in China and we look forward to receiving the songs and creating careers for many artists,” said Henry Sun, President of TuneGO China who is responsible for overseeing TuneGO China’s global operations.

Here’s how Distro100 works:
Joining is easy, simply log on to www.distro100.com:

  • Register for free account
  • Submit as many songs as you would like
  • TuneGO distributes songs to digital stores in China and abroad
  • Retain 100 percent ownership of the music rights
  • Access streaming and download activity reports
  • Collect 100 percent of the royalties


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