USound Launches Kore 4.0, an Innovative Audio Module for Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids

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    USound, a provider of MEMS-based audio technology, has launched Kore 4.0, a state-of-the-art audio module designed for Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids. The fully integrated audio module features the latest generation of MEMS loudspeakers and a brand new ultra-low power audio amplifier, delivering unmatched audio performance.

    The Kore 4.0 audio module offers high Sound-Pressure-Level SPL over full audio bandwidth (20Hz – 20kHz) and low power consumption, making it the ideal solution for OTC hearing aids. The module is customizable for mid and high-volume applications and seamlessly integrates with any Bluetooth System-on-a-Chip (SoC). The first Kore 4.0 audio module samples were unveiled by USound in March 2023.

    According to a recent press release, USound’s CEO Ferruccio Bottoni considers the Kore 4.0 audio module to be a game-changer for OTC hearing aids, providing high-quality audio in a compact and energy-efficient package. USound aims to offer top-notch audio solutions that cater to customers’ needs. Andrea Rusconi, CTO of USound, expressed his enthusiasm for the Kore 4.0 audio module’s versatility and customization capabilities for mid and high-volume applications.

    USound has already released customer samples of the Kore 4.0 audio module to selected partners, and the product will be available on major electronics distribution platforms starting March 2023. The Kore 4.0 audio module’s compact form factor, low power consumption, and high-quality audio performance are set to transform the hearing aid industry, making it a leading solution for OTC hearing aids.


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