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    Rok Gulic: Ollo Audio Headphones Enable Bedroom Musicians To Mix Songs Without Costly Acoustically Treated Studios

    In this video, we have Ollo Audio's Founder Rok Gulic speak about the company, their headphones, the current market, future plans, and much more.

    Cherry Introduces Its New Range of USB Microphones for Beginners and Professionals

    The UM series includes three different microphones - UM 3.0, UM 6.0 ADVANCED, and UM 9.0 PRO RGB. Each microphone has unique features to cater to different needs.

    FiiO Launches R7 Music Player That Doubles Up As A Headphone Amplifier

    Its key feature is a large front screen with a clean Android 10 interface, making it an all-in-one network streamer that can play various files from any source.

    Alienware Unveils New Gaming Headsets

    Alienware has recently unveiled its latest gaming headsets, including the wired AW520H and the dual-mode wireless AW720H. Both are very similar to each other; the...

    Everything You Need To Know About Netflix Spatial Audio

    This new feature brings an immersive, cinematic sound experience to any device, without the need for any additional equipment.

    TikTok Launches Sounds For Business To Help Brands Create Engaging Content

    With TikTok's immense popularity among the younger generation, businesses can now take advantage of this new feature to create more impactful ads that are relevant to their target audience.

    OpenAI Introduces Whisper API To Convert Audio Into Text Using Artificial Intelligence

    The Whisper API was first introduced back in September 2022, along with ChatGPT, and ever since then, it has been refined to produce accurate voice-to-text conversion.

    Qualcomm Introduces Lossless Audio Streaming Over Bluetooth: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

    aptX Lossless is a new feature of Snapdragon Sound Technology by Qualcomm and is designed to delivered CD quality 16-bit 44.1kHz lossless audio quality over Bluetooth wireless technology.

    HyperX Launches Quadcast Microphone In India For Streamers And Casters

    HyperX Quadcast offers four polar patterns: stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional for flexibility in audio capture, and utilizes a built-in internal pop filter designed to reduce noise and pops for clearer voice quality.

    FINGERS Launches Wireless Neckband 2B Musi-Addicto

    Featuring a stylish design with premium angular earbuds to fit every ear shape and a flexible neckband that enables it to be wrapped and tucked into your pocket, the company has emphasized on comfort and convenience.