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    Dyson Unveils Zone Headphones with Integrated Air Purification System, Priced at £820

    Dyson's Zone headphones combine cutting-edge audio technology with a built-in air purification system. Designed to combat noise and air pollution in urban areas, these headphones feature active noise cancellation and a filtration system that captures particles as small as 0.1 microns. With customizable airflow and the ability to monitor air quality, Dyson's Zone headphones offer a futuristic solution for those seeking immersive sound and clean air. Discover their features and pricing ahead of their highly anticipated release.

    NAMM 2023: Universal Audio Reveals Three New UAFX Pedals for Guitarists

    Universal Audio has just revealed three new pedals for guitarists and tone enthusiasts: the Del-Verb Ambience Companion, Galaxy '74 Tape Echo & Reverb, and Max Dual Preamp & Compressor. Each of these pedals offers unique vintage-inspired effects, high-quality sound, and user-friendly features that make them a great addition to any musician's pedalboard. Read on to discover more about these exciting new products from Universal Audio.

    NAMM 2023: Donner Unveils HUSH-X Headless Electric Guitar with Patented Tuning System

    Donner has launched the HUSH-X Headless Electric Guitar, equipped with a patented tuning system and full block bridge, offering a unique playing experience. With a complete package, including a gigbag, earphones, strap, tuner, Allen wrenches, picks, and 9v battery, the HUSH-X is perfect for musicians on the go. Donner is also introducing new colors to their HUSH-I Silent Acoustic Guitar lineup.

    NAMM 2023: Polyend Tracker Mini Unveiled as a Portable Music Production Workstation

    The new Polyend Tracker Mini, a portable audio workstation that lets you create music anywhere, anytime, has been unveiled. With a high-quality onboard microphone and a battery life of up to eight hours, the Tracker Mini is packed with features and improvements that make it an ideal companion for music producers on the go.

    NAMM 2023: Antelope Audio Launches Atlas i8: A Revolutionary 3-Way Digital Studio Monitor with Innovative Isobaric Bass Design and USB Connectivity

    Antelope Audio, the renowned manufacturer of audio interfaces, converters, and digital clocking technology, has launched their first-ever studio monitor, the Atlas i8. With a compact yet innovative isobaric design, the Atlas i8 boasts a wide frequency range and USB connectivity, making it a game-changer in the industry. Read on for more details on this revolutionary 3-way digital studio monitor.

    NAMM 2023: Apogee Launches Jam X Audio Interface with Analog Compressor

    Apogee has launched its latest audio interface, the Jam X, aimed at guitarists. The interface features a built-in analog compressor that lets players shape their signal before it hits their amp sim. The Jam X offers three modes on the compressor and also includes the Blend mode found on its predecessor, the Jam+. It's compatible with Mac, Windows, and iOS devices and comes bundled with Ableton Live Lite and an extended trial of Neural DSP's Archetype Tim Henson amp/effects-sim.

    Orchestral Tools Releases Pēteris Vasks Strings: A Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

    Orchestral Tools has launched a new contemporary chamber strings ensemble called Pēteris Vasks Strings. This unique product is the result of a collaboration between the renowned composer Pēteris Vasks and Sinfonietta Riga's talented musicians. The Pēteris Vasks Strings offer a fully-detailed chamber ensemble with a unique character and color, featuring violins, violas, celli, and basses, with small sections and first-chair soloists.

    Spitfire Audio Pays $18 Million in Royalties to Musicians and Collaborators: Supporting the Music Industry Since 2007

    Spitfire Audio is dedicated to taking care of the musicians who perform on their libraries during recording sessions, paying top industry booking rates and working with some of London's finest orchestral session musicians.

    Sony Launches WH-CH520 On-Ear Wireless Headphones In India

    The Sony WH-CH520, a toned-down version of the previously launched WH-CH720 over-ear wireless headphones, promises a battery life of up to 50 hours on a single charge.

    Sony Launches WF-C700N TWS Earbuds With Active Noise Cancellation And WH-1000XM5 In Midnight Blue

    Sony has recently introduced a new set of truly wireless earbuds named WF-C700N, while also launching a fresh Midnight Blue color variant for its widely acclaimed noise-canceling WH-1000XM5 headphones.

    NUGEN Audio Introduces Jotter: Innovative Notetaking and Collaboration Software for Audio Professionals

    Jotter helps professionals stay organized with its notes and to-do lists feature. Clients can provide feedback on specific points in a mix where they want changes, and engineers can easily track and manage these notes using Jotter, streamlining the workflow and improving communication between clients and engineers.

    Yuni Technologies Launches Single-sided Stereo Headphone For People With Unilateral Hearing Loss

    The Yuni V2 is the only Bluetooth stereo headphone on the market that can deliver 100% of the audio to a single ear, in true stereo sound, and offers a unique dimension to the audio experience for millions of listeners worldwide.

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