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    Here’s What You Can Purchase With USD 50 Native Instruments Voucher


    Native Instruments has rolled out an email to all its subscribed members announcing the delay in the release date of the much expected Massive X.

    Scheduled earlier in the month of February, the email now mentions that the new update will be available for public in June, quoting, “Still, updates aren’t instruments, and we’re aware that the wait for MASSIVE X might be frustrating. To help you pass the time until June, we’re giving you a $50 e-voucher to spend at the NI store.”

    Yes, the company has mailed voucher codes for USD 50 to all its subscribers and existing customer database.

    While this voucher is applicable for every product on the NI Store, here’s a list of top 5 products, i.e., Expansion Kits, worth purchasing for under USD 50, without spending even a single penny from your pocket.

    Midnight Sunset

    326 Construction Loops | 422 Drum Samples | 353 One Shots | 59 BATTERY kits | 50 MASCHINE kits | 58 MASSIVE presets | 3 MONARK presets |1 REAKTOR PRISM preset

    Maschine Exclusive: 9 Projects | 200+ Patterns | 15 Sample Instruments

    Amplified Funk

    729 Construction Loops | 378 Drum Samples | 198 One Shots | 57 BATTERY Kits | 48 MASCHINE Kits | 83 MASSIVE Presets

    Maschine Exclusive: 5 Projects | 254 Patterns | 134 Drum Synth Presets | 20 Sample Instruments

    Infamous Flow

    276 Construction Loops | 60 BATTERY Kits | 50 MASCHINE Kits | 10 MONARK Presets | 5 REAKTOR PRISM Presets

    Maschine Exclusive: 9 Projects | 200+ Patterns | 4 Sample Instruments

    Basement Era

    280 Construction Loops | 272 Drum Samples | 528 One Shots | 57 BATTERY Kits | 50 MASCHINE Kits

    Maschine Exclusive: 5 Projects | 295 Patterns

    Queensbridge Story

    541 Construction Loops | 632 Drum Samples | 118 One Shots | 61 BATTERY Kits | 50 MASCHINE Kits | 77 MASSIVE Presets

    Maschine Exclusive: 6 Projects | 253 Patterns | 44 Sample Instruments

    While the above mentioned expansion packs are our top picks, we can recommend you to always visit NI Store and browse a vast library of expansion packs available for USD 49. Make the best use of this opportunity and keep making music.

    Phalgunn Maharishi
    Phalgunn Maharishi
    I am a content creator and a music composer / producer with over 8 songs to my credit. I am one of the creative brains behind #audiosootra and my record label #phalmusic. I, along with my wife, also manage the instagram handle #pawsomebrats for our three lovely cats!

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