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    NAMM 2023: Universal Audio Reveals Three New UAFX Pedals for Guitarists


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    Universal Audio has just revealed the latest additions to its UAFX pedal line, and they’re sure to pique the interest of guitarists and tone aficionados alike. The Del-Verb Ambience Companion is a stereo pedal that comes loaded with six vintage reverb and delay effects, all of which are modeled on classic sounds from the past. Tap tempo, silent switching, buffered bypass, analog dry through, and optional spillover/trails all contribute to making this a versatile and user-friendly effect.

    Next up is the Galaxy ’74 Tape Echo & Reverb, a pedal that has been designed to emulate the analog warmth of the mid-’70s Roland Space Echo. The pedal features doubled delay times and a meticulous emulation of the original Space Echo’s spring reverb and multi-head tape delay mechanism. The result is an effect that promises to deliver a wide range of gritty delay textures, perfect for adding some retro vibe to your sound.

    Finally, there’s the Max Dual Preamp & Compressor, a pedal that incorporates emulations of classic compressors and preamps from Universal Audio’s history. The pedal includes the legendary UA 1176, Teletronix LA-2A, Dyna Comp compressors, and the 610 tube preamp and EQ. With the ability to layer compressors in any combination, this pedal offers a range of sonic possibilities that is sure to delight guitarists, bassists, and other musicians.

    “We’re thrilled to unveil these new additions to the UAFX line,” said Universal Audio CEO Bill Putnam Jr. “Not only do they sound amazing, but they’re also built to the highest standards of craftsmanship that musicians have come to expect from our products. We’re confident that these pedals will inspire musicians for years to come.”

    With their latest UAFX pedals, Universal Audio has once again demonstrated its commitment to producing high-quality, innovative gear for musicians. Whether you’re a guitarist, bassist, or other kinds of musician, these pedals are sure to add a touch of magic to your sound.

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