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    Louis Vuitton Unveils Latest Horizon Light-Up Earphones


    Louis Vuitton has launched its newest Horizon Light Up earphones, featuring the brand’s signature style and cutting-edge technology. The new earphones are the third-generation model from Louis Vuitton, and they are sure to delight fashion-forward individuals and audiophiles who take pleasure in high-end technology.

    The brand’s first wireless earphones were released back in 2019 and now, four years later, the Maison has unveiled a third-generation model that showcases its signature creativity.

    The new Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up earphones are not just about the technology and style, but also about the human experience. They are built on a lightweight aluminum frame for a minimum in-ear impact, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods. The earphones are also activated by a wear sensor, meaning they turn on automatically when you wear them.

    Louis Vuitton has designed the earphones to be an elevated, highly desirable object that looks and feels precious. The charging case has a silhouette inspired by the curved elegance of the iconic Tambour watch case and is decorated with Louis Vuitton’s Connected Monogram pattern. The earphones also echo the curved Tambour shape, giving them a unique and beautiful look.

    The earphones come in five different colors, including matt black with gunmetal elements, warm yellow gold, cherry blossom pink with rose gold, festive red, and regal yellow gold, and bright steel with a fashion-centric violet and blue gradient color design.

    The earphones also come with an “On-the-go” alternative travel case, making them easy to carry around and use on the go. The Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up earphones can be seamlessly set up and controlled using the Louis Vuitton Connect companion app, which also allows users to control their family of Louis Vuitton-connected objects.

    They are designed to provide users with a comfortable and stylish way to enjoy their favorite music and express themselves through their unique color choices.


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