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    Warm Audio Launches WA-MPX and WA-2MPX Tube Preamps


    Warm Audio has released the MPX series, consisting of the WA-MPX and WA-2MPX vintage-style tube preamps. These new preamps are equipped with three tubes per channel, offering users tonal flexibility to add character to their sound.

    The MPX series is inspired by the famous Ampex 351 tube preamp from the 1950s and uses CineMag custom-wound transformers combined with flexible topology options and a tape saturation circuit to emulate the sound of the golden era of rock ‘n’ roll. The selectable Tone circuit alters the impedance of the input transformer to add coloration, while the 80 Hz HP and 2 kHz LP filters help isolate sound sources. Additionally, the high-gain mode introduces a third tube to the signal path, allowing for a massive 90 dB of tube amplification.

    The WA-MPX preamps are hand-wired with 100% discrete electronics and are housed in steel chassis with a brushed aluminum faceplate, vintage-style bakelite knobs, and amber-tinted VU meters. Each channel boasts custom-wound, large-core CineMag transformers on the inputs and outputs, bringing each preamp circuit to 300v.

    Equipped with 3 tubes per channel, the WA-MPX vintage-style tube preamp by Warm Audio offers a versatile and dynamic range of analog tones. It provides clean volume with preserved clarity for low-output sources and richer distortion when the tubes are pushed to saturation. Moreover, the preamp includes a set of essential controls such as input impedance switching, polarity inversion, and input/output gain, along with +48v phantom power for condenser microphones.

    The Tape Saturation control on the WA-MPX engages a discrete circuit in the signal path, adding natural compression, harmonic distortion, and focused tone filtering to emulate the sound of tape machines running at 15IPS, adding just enough imperfection to the signal, especially when used on program material for mixing and mastering.

    Overall, the MPX series combines vintage-era sonics with modern functionality at a competitive price, making it a versatile preamp choice for dynamic, condenser, or ribbon microphones.

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