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    Yuni Technologies Launches Single-sided Stereo Headphone For People With Unilateral Hearing Loss


    Yuni Technologies has recently launched the Yuni V2, a single-sided stereo headphone, that allows listeners with unilateral hearing loss to experience true stereo sound. The Yuni V2 is the only Bluetooth headphone on the market that can deliver 100% of the audio to a single ear, in true stereo sound, and offers a unique dimension to the audio experience for millions of listeners worldwide.

    For those who are deaf in one ear, standard headphones only deliver half of the audio, as modern audio recordings mostly use stereo sound with two separate signals carried by the left and right channels. The Yuni V2 resolves this problem by utilizing modern psychophysiology research that understands how the human ear localizes sound in vertical space. By sending the two stereo channels to two speakers positioned above and below the ear canal in the same ear, the Yuni V2 allows users to experience the stereo effect of their audio for the first time.

    The alternative approach of collapsing two stereo channels into a single channel that is played through one ear of standard headphones can cause the audio to lose its sense of space, depth, and motion. The overlapping signals can also interfere with one another, making the sound muddy and cramped.

    The Yuni V2 is the brainchild of Daniel J. Glass, Ph.D., who was inspired to develop the product during his graduate studies after meeting his wife, who loves music and has unilateral hearing loss. After several years of research and development, the first version of the Yuni launched successfully on Kickstarter in April 2013. The updated version of Yuni is now available on Kickstarter and is designed to be better than the original in every way.

    Yuni Technologies is currently accepting preorders for the Yuni V2 on their Kickstarter page, where backers can also choose to donate Yunis to people in need. With the release of the Yuni V2, millions of people with unilateral hearing loss can experience the fullness of stereo sound, opening up an entirely new dimension of their audio experience.

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